Business problem

    • Multiple units (stores) reporting data to headquarters via excel
    • Problems with data standardisation and quality, multiple human errors in data
    • Time consuming data consolidation processes, difficulties in joining data from the application with data from the other systems (i.e. ERP, budgeting tool)
    • Difficulty in tracking performance of stores over time, analysing trends and performing any more advanced analytical tasks

Project scope

    • Analysis of reporting requirements with the Customer
    • Set up of required IT Infrastructure
    • Development of web application in .NET technology (free of additional licences)
    • Integration of the application with Customer’s Group Data Warehouse
    • Development of PowerBI reporting, joining data collected in the application with data from Data Warehouse (i.e., with data from ERP system, budgets etc.)
    • Support in change management and onboarding of Customer’s employees to the new tool

    Benefits for our Customer

      • Timely reporting from stores
      • High quality of data, due to standardisation of reporting and multiple data quality checks implemented in the solution (limiting human errors)
      • Ability to quickly analyse results of stores, by comparing data reported by stores with actuals / budgets from Data Warehouse
      • Ability to track goals of stores on regular basis
      • Saving time on consolidation of data and leaving more time for value adding activities